September 2010

Okay fine, here is one picture from a wedding that I shot for my friends Theunis and Arline. Totally.

Theunis looks like someone told him a sex joke.


I shot a roll of run of the mill superia and then I left it in my car during a heatwave. Film plus heat = Art. Enjoy your life as a dickhead. Anyways this is Cath in her new hat. Hope you like your hat Cath.

I would have been sitting around doing nothing but blogging and missing out on all this money but then this guy gave me a job like two years ago. Its been real.Whatever

This is my friend/source of comedy, Craig. He is supprisingly unfunny when I say to someone,”Hey this is Craig, he is so funny”, “Say something funny Craig”…. But he is getting his moonboot off today so I thought I would congratulate him on my blog that no-one goes to.

I would really like to get out more. I love just sitting and fishing or taking pictures of my feet. Not that you care. Dick.

Well Well Well what have we here? Is Desmond working on some new stuff and by stuff I mean music to listen to for your listening. I guess so.

Go check out the rest, if you even care…

I am like a motherflipping special forces behind the scenes sniper… Just when you don’t know I am there, SNAP. I get a shot of you doing something hectic, and I don’t mean like J&B Met hectic. I have left out the photos of people on the toilet and such but I think these will give you the idea.

Go look at the rest or whatever.