October 2010

My friends L&R are getting married today. Lets hope I don’t f@#% up their wedding photography like I did this blog.

Sorry guys(incase). Hope you have a nice life.


I have a movie frame camera. I also shoot with it, but don’t be fooled it isn’t art.

So suck on this…

This is photo I took in another life, about a eighty years ago. The subject is my presentday Catherine’s great grandfather. He is so old and this photo is also old but I put the colour into it with my vintage mac. Probably about the same era as the Horse. Huh, Horse…

I don’t even really know this guy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have nice photo of him.

Just kidding, I do know who you are, we just haven’t spoken.. yet.

This is a photo I took of Cath in her bathroom. Good light, pushed the film by three stops, printed on FB and then hand coloured a scan. The colours in real life are better. Whatever. You know its art.

I was scratching through my scratch-patch of pictures and I came across this little beaut. Right Light, Right Film, Right Camera, Right Time. I sumtimes wonder if I actually love photography as much as I say i do. Anyhow.

I am trying to be as unarty as possible. I don’t think it suits me.