November 2010

Hey Japan, it is nice to have known you, but unless you are willing to pay me, I am afraid I have to go back home. Thanks everybody and my favourite memory here is it.





Hello Lovely face.



I love you. Bye, I mean Hi.

This is Cath’s friend Carry. She doesn’t know I have this picture but I do. Here you go.


This is my friend/brother Nic. He is a dam ledge. He raps and has the sense of direction of a Selous Scout. I like to photograph him because 9 times out of 10 he is as natural as raw hide in the hand. Nic, well done.





I think I might be too far gone to help all this blue. Here he is.

I don’t usually do band photography or even like taking pictures of musicians, but I thought for this occasion I might pull out the old camera. I got really into this band and I have been listening to them since I watched them the other night. The lead singer is really passionate I guess or he must be because he just about kills himself every time he plays. All or none.




Go see this video it isn’t my favourite song but I have a lot of respect for them so go see here.

If you see these two guys walking around Tokyo, where I am… Then you better watch out, because they are on the beat.


I played another pretty hectic sweaty gig in Japan in a place called Kyoto. Craig met a girl. He left her behind, and I took these photos and if you don’t like them I don’t care because my band is a homo…


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