January 2011

I was on set again with Ross for a Cleo shoot, he did some pretty arty stuff but it looked good in the end, these are some of my arts from the fashions.


I just reach out to touch you but you aren’t there. I wander where you are now Barry? Where? Standing behind me? No…





This photo has all of my favourites. Cath, and all my cameras. I really do love them. Not like the puppy. Its for real.


This is Otto. Desmond played with them a few times in Japan (because, we went there to play shows and music). They are really cool. Go find them and pirate that music.





Hey Gabby, Hey Johan. Remember when we had fun because you lived in JHB. Well now we can have fun when we live in Amsterdam.


I feel like I am a part of this place.

I love this little thing. Like I have never loved before, not really, but it is a puppy. So I feel something. So I guess that makes me fickle. Whatever… F-off man.


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