This is an old friend of mine. We recently hung out and such. Ate biltong, shared interest you know the deal.


I made this video from scratch.

This is my birthday film.



Hey, well you know what they say, “A great artist is always ahead of his time or behind it”

you decide. Doos




I bought a new camera and decided to try it. Like as if your even freaking care.

Its a Leica and the lens is a Elmar 50mm 2.8. Not the best, but then I can make freaking art out of anything.


Ross and I do some flippen hectic things sometimes.











I was on set again with Ross for a Cleo shoot, he did some pretty arty stuff but it looked good in the end, these are some of my arts from the fashions.

I just reach out to touch you but you aren’t there. I wander where you are now Barry? Where? Standing behind me? No…